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Below is the weekly schedule of our activities. Simply look at the days on which you would like to do an activity and check which activity runs on this day. You can get a quick insight into the activities by clicking on them in the calendar, or you can get a more detailed description on the specific tour pages using the links below the schedule on the left side. Please contact us for any questions!

Tour Schedule 

The summer season runs May – September and the winter season runs January – March. Did you know that all of our summer activities are also bookable on any day within this period? Just contact us to check the possibilities!

Our tours

Here’s a summary of our tours. To see all detailed information about a tour check out it’s tour webpage. You can find the links below.

Activity on request

Note that all of our tours with scheduled departments are also available on request. On top of those there is a number of tours that are only available on request.
Cross Country Skiing
Snowshoe Hiking
Ice Skating
Kayaking Tour
Sailing Trip
Mountain Biking Tour
Archipelago Hiking Tour
Off-Trail Nature Hiking
Small Adventure
Wildlife Safari
Trail Hiking
Three day High Coast Hike
Kayaking Camping Trip
Nature Camping Stockholm


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