Mini Winter Holiday Sweden

Mini Winter Holiday Sweden

Dalarna is often the area that people think of when they think of Sweden. Packed snow, red cabins, Northern lights and mountains. On this trip we will take you far up in Northern Dalarna close to the Norwegian border, providing stunning scenery, Northern lights and bucket list experiences along the way. 


  • Sweden’s highest waterfall, frozen!
  • Relaxed tour skiing in the mountains
  • Mush your very own dog sled
  • Northern lights dancing across the night sky
  • Northern lights photography course by professional nature photographer
  • Snowshoeing in a national park
  • Stay in small high standard, family run B&B in beautiful natural setting
  • The world’s oldest tree
  • Three course dinner with local ingredients every night
  • Optional 6th day: we give away a FREE voucher to join our ice skating trip on the day prior or afterwards
  • Pickup and drop off from Stockholm / Stockholm Arlanda


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Forget about mass tourism.  This holiday is carefully set up to show you the wild, beautiful and real side of Sweden. No crowded ski slopes, but remote mountain trails. No big hotels, but local and family run B&B’s. No coaches but small groups. No royal palace, but standing on skates on ‘Mälaren’.

Real nature. This holiday is made to give you Sweden: nature and winter in it’s purest form. Don’t be surprised if we get delayed due to a herd of reindeer crossing the road . . The places we visit might be harder to get to than the Royal Palace in Stockholm, but endlessly more rewarding. This trip will be an experience for a lifetime! Our guides can’t wait to show you their personal favorite spots.

Snow and Northern lights. Due to it’s Northern location Sweden has very reliable winter conditions, much more so then other European destinations. Both for snow & ice, but also for Northern lights! If we do not get unlucky with clouds we should see ‘Aurora Borealis’ at least once during this trip. A quick course with a professional nature photographer ensures you will get the best snaps to show your friends back home.

Meet ‘real’ people. Experiences are better when shared. So why not share them with great people? You will meet interesting locals, professional and friendly guides, and fellow travelers from across the globe with similar interests.


 Day to day program

(1) Sunday – Capturing the Northern Lights
We will pick you up at your accommodation or at the airport, and drive North for several hours. We drive into the remote parts of Sweden where nature rules. Of course, we make one or two scenic stops along the way. Upon arrival we are warmly greeted by our hosts for the coming nights, Kjelle and Annika, with whom we will also enjoy a three course dinner. All dishes and ingredients are local, so don’t be surprised if reindeer meet is on the menu! During the evening we will enjoy a Aurora Borealis photography course to ensure that when it comes you will be ready to take the best shots.

(2) Monday – Clip on your snowshoes!
Have you ever seen a 100 meter tall waterfall? Yes? Alright, fair enough. How about one that’s frozen? Well, after today you will! Our second day of this snowshoe hike through nature is carefully planned out, passing Sweden’s highest waterfall and the world’s oldest tree known to man! This sight is quite secret, and even the staff of the park ‘don’t remember’ where to find it. Without damaging the tree in any way, we pay a visit. No GPS location savings allowed! This hiking day in the mountains takes us past varying and beautiful scenery. There will be plenty of time for photo breaks! And let’s not forget the wildlife in the area. Predators such as the wolf are present. Other animals i.e. moose are also to be seen! No worries though. Your guide always puts safety first. During lunch we make our selves comfortable in one of the local mountain cabins and get a fire going, and enjoy the lunch that Kjelle and Annika prepared for us. The local Siberian Jays are a lot more tame in this area than elsewhere, and if you are patient they will come and eat right out of your hand! Coming back, a cozy and relaxing evening is on the program, and once again we enjoy a three course dinner. Maybe tonight moose will be served? In the evening we can take a short walk, or take turns to stand guard for ‘Northern Lights watching’ to make sure we won’t miss out.

(3) Tuesday – Into the mountains
Today will really be a special day. We will be tour skiing in the ‘Grövelsjön’ area. We will enjoy flat mountain plateaus, peaks, valleys, and the spectacular view over the Norwegian border for the whole day. The area is made up by an ancient mountain chain, providing spectacular and uncommon scenery. If the weather is good we cook up our lunch outside, enjoying the sun in our face. If not, we use a cabin and get warm and toasty. Instead of using man made tracks we will have the entire area as our playground, and can in this way completely customize the trip according to your wishes and skills! Of course, our hosts will be eagerly awaiting us with yet another tasteful surprise. If we haven’t been lucky thus far, we wait out with our camera’s ready to shoot Aurora Borealis when it comes.

(4) Wednesday – Gee! Gee!
Gee..? Yes, Gee! This is one of the commands you will use when you will be mushing your very own dog sled! All dogs are well taken care of, and are eager to get going. This is their life. Enjoy the ride and control your own speed with your newly learned commands. Just know that the dogs will be very sad if they don’t get to go all out! Make way through snowy forests and frozen lakes. This is the life! Returning to our hosts, we enjoy sauna, fireplace and of course will keep an eye out for any Northern Lights.

(5) Thursday – Back to reality . .
We enjoy our last breakfast with Kjelle and Annika, and start the trip back. Happy with all your new experiences, a day or two in the capital will be a fun contradiction as well. Back to reality. Or maybe . . .

OPTIONAL (6) Friday – Flee from reality!
Upon booking this package we have decided to offer you our ice skating day trip completely free of charge! This activity is optional, and therefore only excludes the accommodation between day 5 and optional day 6. Was coming back to civilization difficult? We’ve got you covered. One more day out in spectacular nature will surely ease the process of acclimatizing. Stockholm is world famous for ice skating, and spending a day on the ice will be a perfect end to your winter holiday in Sweden!


We recommend to book it while you can, since we only carry out this winter special twice a year and we have a maximum of just 7 guests per departure. If you wish to book send an email to info@thegreentrails.com or call +46 7 69 11 13 44. Do you have an inquiry? Let us know and we’ll be happy to answer any question you might have.