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what to do in stockholm

Travel guides:

Pick the travel guide that matches you as a tourist! All of our travel guides cover accommodation, transportation, things to do in Stockholm, sights, tourist attractions, food and nightlife focused on certain types of traveler. We hope to give you ideas and inspiration for what to do in Stockholm, but we also highly encourage you to personalize them with your own ideas and interests! They are of course completely free to use.

Things to do in Stockholm for the Backpacker / Student / Budget travelerthings to do in stockholm

For whom: You prefer hostels over hotels, avoid fancy diners, enjoy both touristy things as well as the unexplored and have a sense for adventure.

Things to do in Stockholm for the Citytripper / Weekend traveler


For whom: You don’t leave the residence without a map and your camera, stay in mid range hotels and want to see all of the sights and to-do’s before you go home.

Things to do in Stockholm for the Artsy Person / Hipster???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

For whom: You have a natural resentment for all major tourist attractions, enjoy a cup of coffee in a bar with victorian sofa’s and indie music, want to hang where the locals hang and don’t mind a picture exhibition here and there.


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