Going on a hike is a must whilst you are in Sweden. Hiking is not only an opportunity to experience Swedish nature, but a great way to get a glimpse of Swedish culture as well. Don’t be surprised if we meet a lively elderly couple picking mushrooms kilometers off the beaten path! The numerous hiking trails, our ‘every man’s right’ and rich access to nature make Sweden’s nature a perfect destination to explore by foot (or rather, by hiking boot).  


3 Hour Stockholm nature hike
• Recommended if you only have one day in Stockholm
• Light / medium active
• Suitable for families too
Kayak your way through Stockholm and sight-see from the water. We will always paddle close to the shore and the water is calm, making this an easy and safe activity.

Hike Stockholm nature, one day
• Most popular choice
• Recommended if you have a weekend to three days in Stockholm
• Most suited for medium active travelers
• Decide together with your guide where you will go. A day hike to Stockholm’s archipelago, Tyresta national park, the lake district or even Sweden’s Southern half’s oldest pristine forest are just some of the options.

Nature Camping Stockholm
• Recommended if you have a midweek (4 to 5 days) in Stockholm
• Active
• Most suited for travelers that like adventures
If you have the time, an overnight kayak tour is highly recommended. Spending a night on a private island and waking up to the sound of the sea is something hard to describe.

Three-day Hiking expedition

These hiking trips as described are suggestions. We know Sweden’s National Parks by heart, and have the gear and knowledge to organize your multiple day trips to Abisko, Kebnekaise, Fulufjället or where ever it is you wish to go too.

Being surprised is fun. But if you really want to know what’s coming? Here’s a teaser of our day hike in Stockholm.


Are our scheduled trips not working with your schedule? Send us an email and we’ll see what we can do!